From different view – points



Christian fundamentalism   suggests that HS was created   recently (< 10 K years ago) and that she is the pinnacle of the Creation. God, as the Creator, exists in the background, somewhere, and exercises full control and decision rights over HS.   There are also Christian groups that do not share the Bible’s creation story by the letter, but a supernatural God is a very influential part of their daily existence.   Christians always have explanations to why God is letting things happen which are obviously totally against his principles of goodness e.g. when a very good person suffers immensely.

An honest   Bayesian look into these stories about HS can not produce a high probability of being   correct. I leave it to   pastors and priests to continue to peddle these stories and will not spill more  words on them here.


HS and the chimps have a common heritage but parted ways about 7 M years ago. Natural Selection evolved them into very different creatures.

About 70 K years ago a mutation set HS on a very fast and unique path of evolution. Soon she had taken command of much of life on Earth and we could find her in almost every corner thereof. HS even neutralized parts of the biological Evolution. HS intelligence and ability to cooperate in big numbers, with the help of an efficient language, is the probable cause of her dominance.

HS organization got ever more efficient and now we have houses and cities, roads and air traffic , countries and governments and religions as prominent proof of her ability. Internet not to forget.

Earlier HS lost much of her freedom to shamans, village-bosses, Gods and religions,   kings and governments and capital owners. Less than 400 years ago the blood of Swedish farmers were wasted in wars on the European continent. Why? Ask the Swedish Kings. It was not in the interest of the Swedish farmers, that’s for sure.   Even the Christian Bishops have part-responsibility for the bad luck of the slaughtered HS.

The common HS had not much value apart as producer of food stuff and as a soldier.

But the increasing numbers of HS requested more food and more soldiers were also needed for the frequent wars and thesedevelopments contributed to increase the personal value of HS. HS regained her value, little by little.

Governments started to realize the value of HS as producer of food and as soldiers. This lead to improvements in hygiene, medical research and medicines and fight against the frequent epidemics;   also food got better. The Liberalism entered the picture.

Governments detected that HS with motivation through self-appreciation and more freedom was more efficient in production and as soldier. President Woodrof Wilson in USA was the one who said that the role of women in the 1st world war was crucial for the victory and was fighting for betterment of their terms and status in society.

Thus, HS was increasingly told about her value and Free Will and even today many (most?) HS believe that she has a Free Will. This makes it easier to influence HS w/o her noticing it.

( Sciences have searched very carefully for the ‘soul’ and an ‘I’ but came up empty handed i.e they did not find any entity that could exercise a Free Will! Free Will is obviously an illusion) However, it is important that HS, at the poll station, believes that she has a Free Will. This is one kind of manipulation contained even in the so called democratic system and may be one reason why this belief is ‘tolerated’.

Liberalism gave rights to vote for almost everyone and soon a glorious period of co-governing dawned on HS equipped with freedom and self-esteem, in her quest for happiness.

UN gave HS   ‘human rights’ as a global phenomenon i.e. HS  tried to give  herself a valuable  gift.  Humanism grew to the dignity of religion.  One HS = one vote. Rich or poor.

Right now many a power broker asks himself if it was wise to give HS so much power.

Examples: Trump was elected against his Party’s will.

Duterte grabbed power to clean up in corrupt drug – infested Philippines.

In Sweden the right wing SD Party could establish itself and continues to grow in front of aghast traditional politicians.

In many other places similar power shifts are underway and traditional power structures can not avoid being scrutinized by representatives for the mass-movement.

BUT …… HS period of glory seems to be short; she is already replacing herself with AI. In many areas AI is outperforming HS; HS is loosing ground very fast.

Harari suggests that increasing numbers of HS will not be able to find jobs during the 21st century as she is loosing economic and military value. Simultaneously the advances in biotechnology coupled with enormous information-technology-systems will enable a top level (those who can afford)   to perform much better than the average HS. New social levels will occur within HS domain. HS replacing herself is a possibility. When the horse carriage was out-competed by the cars we did not improve the horses; we replaced them.

This is what the latest religion — Dataism — has to offer, according to Harari.

It is up to everyone to speculate in what the future will look like. Only one thing is clear….. It will not look like today.

The story above deals with things that HS can be aware of through her senses and information-processing capacity, which constitutes a very small part of Totality/Universe. We can only see electro-magnetic radiation between 400 -700 nanometer (visible light) , which is a very small part of the total spectrum. This is a good illustration of the general situation for HS.


HS is a collection of algorithms (A) that can be explained by quantum physics; she is functioning according to the laws of physics. If enough computing capacity was available we could calculate everything that was and will be. A are self learning. Entrophy is the time vector. A steadily requests new information; if lacking, HS experiences boredom (in her domain)   and looses interest.

The above is a super-compressed way of illustrating how one and the same phenomenon   can be described in different ways, depending on in which domain you are: in the realm of objective realism or in HS domain. This is not a problem, however, as long as the different ways are not opposing each other.

But the description according to 1. is opposing – internally as well as externally – and would pass an honest Bayesian scrutiny with very low probability.

(A quite different aspect: is it possible to find a HS who is totally free of bias and would be able to do an honest Bayesian evaluation? Maybe we have to wait for AI to produce such an evaluator?)


( These are some of my thoughts after reading the latest books of Sean Carroll and Yuval Harari. Please, note that Freeman Dyson’s definition of life , 2006, ( Life is a material system …..) is similar to Harari’s Dataism. I have promoted his definition frequently in blogs lately)

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Från olika utsiktspunkter



Kristen fundamentalism ser människan (och hela Universum) som en nylig Skapelse; den hände   för mindre än   en dekad se`n . Människan är höjdpunkten i Skapelsen. Men det finns en Gud i bakgrunden … någonstans…..som Skapare och som har kontrollen och bestämmanderätten över allting….. alltid.   Men det finns kristna falanger som inte tar Bibeln lika bokstavligt och t o m tror att Evolutionläran är korrekt; men med en Supernaturlig Gud, som är en del av HS dagliga liv.

En ärlig och kritisk granskning av dessa beskrivningar av HS, med hjälp av Bayes metod, ger en mycket låg sannolikhet för att den kristna synen på HS. De hör hemma i den (intra-) subjektiva, snarare än i den objektiva realismens domän och jag ser ingen anledning att spilla mer ord på dem. Det är jobbet för predikanter, präster m fl att försöka sälja tron på det övernaturliga.


HS och schimpanserna har ett gemensamt ursprung men deras vägar skildes för ca. 7 miljoner år se`n enligt det Naturliga Urvalets principer i olika riktningar. För ca. 70 T år sen skedde en mutation i den organism som var moderna HS föregångare. Den ledde till   att HS blev en mycket dominant art i jämförelse med allt annat liv och så småningom hade HS besatt varje hörn av Jorden. Vi underkuvade eller tog befälet över de flesta andra arterna och upphävde även den biologiska Evolutionens härjningar, i vissa avseenden. Kanske var det HS intelligens och förmåga att samverka i stora antal på grund av språket   som lade grunden till hennes dominans.

HS organisation blev alltmer `ordnad` och nu har vi hus och städer och vägar och flyglinjer och nationer och regeringar och religioner mm som prominenta   strukturer. Internet inte att förglömma!

I tidigare   faser förlorade den enskilda HS mycket av sin frihet och självbestämmande till shamaner, by-råd, och Gudar och religioner. kungar, regeringar och kapitalägare.

För bara ca 400 år sen spilldes t ex svenska bönders blod på slagfält i Europa. Varför? Fråga våra Kungar, som bestämde om detta. Biskoparna har även en hel del att svara upp mot. De var i varje fall inte i böndernas intresse.

De enskilda HS hade inte mycket värde utanför sin roll som producent av föda och som soldat.

HS värde ökade emellertid i takt med att antalen ökade och därmed behovet av föda; dessutom behövde krigen allt fler soldater. På det sättet började HS att få tillbaka en del värde.

Regeringar fann det allt viktigare att allt fler HS var friska och starka och kunde producera: föda mm och soldatstuff. Detta ledde till förbättringar av livsförutsättningarna, bättre hygien, bekämpning av sjukdomar och farsoter, bättre föda. Liberalismen/Humanismen gjorde sitt intåg.

Så småningom upptäckte man att bönder och soldater med självkänsla och viss frihet producerade bättre än förtryckta d:o. President Wodrow Wilson, USA, lär vara den som upptäckte att kvinnornas roll i förandet av 1:sta världskriget var så viktig att han förordade att ge även dem ökat `värde`, rösträtt mm.

HS matades med ide`erna om hennes Fria Vilja och många (de flesta?) tror fortfarande att hen har Fri Vilja att bestämma för sig själv. Vetenskaperna har letat länge och noga men har kommit upp med tomma händer när det gäller något `jag` eller `själ` som skulle kunna ha en egen Fri Vilja. Vad som händer i HS värld bestäms av den processing av tillgänglig information som den enskilda HS räkneapparat kan bearbeta i beslutsögonblicket. Detta innebär bl a att det är relativt lätt att styra HS beslut utan att hon märker det.

Snart hade Liberalismen gett rösträtt till stora och snabbt ökande skaror, och HS började en glansperiod avseende frihet och självbestämmande inom ramen för s k demokratiska styrelseformer.

HS gav sig själv `mänskliga rättigheter` som en viktig global formalitet. FN, 1948. Humanismen växte till dignitet av religion. En HS = en röst.

Just nu frågar sig många makthavare om det var så klokt att ge massorna så stor makt och självkänsla?


Trump valdes till President i USA MOT SITT PARTIs vilja!

SD fattade fot och ökar fortfarande till de svenska traditionella makthavarnas fasa.

Duterte fick makt att röja i det korrupta drogträsket i Filippinerna och många makthavare från tidigare maktstrukturer ligger illa till.

I många andra hörn av jorden pågår liknande `maktförskjutninger` där traditionella, insuttna strukturer får finna sig i att bli granskade i sömmarna på grund av `massornas`vilja.

Men HS intelligens ser ut att bli hennes fall; hon är på väg att ersätta sig själv med AI. Inom många genrer är AI redan överlägsen och HS förlorar besittningar i rasande fart.

Harari föreslår att utvecklingen kan leda till att massor av HS kommer att förlora sitt ekonomiska och militära värde och att vi snart kommer att se stora skaror av HS som inte kan hitta jobb. Samtidigt möjliggör den bioteknologiska utvecklingen, kopplad med enorma informationsbehandlings system — för en liten klick HS i `toppen` — att prestera mycket bättre än massorna och helt nya sociala strukturer kommer att uppstå inom HS domäner. Det kan även gå så långt att HS avskaffar sig själv, helt. När bilismen gjorde sitt intåg försökte vi inte förbättra hästarna; dom avskaffades. Detta är vad den senaste religionen: Dataismen (enligt Harari) har att erbjuda HS.

Fältet är fritt för var och en att spekulera i hur HS värld kommer att se ut om några dekader eller kanske ett sekel? Men en sak är klar…..den kommer inte att se ut som idag.

Ovanstående sätt att se på HS och hennes värld bygger på vad hennes sinnen kan uppfatta och informationsbehandlingsförmåga möjliggör; men det omfattar en mycket liten del av Totaliteten/Universum. VI ser t ex bara vad som händer mellan 400 och 700 nanometer i det elektromagnetiska området, vilket är en försvinnande liten del därav; detta är en bra illustration av den totala situationen. Kom ihåg att allt i Universum är gjort av samma tre byggstenar: protoner, neutroner och elektroner.

Därför kan HS värld beskrivas även som under 3 nedan.


HS är en samling bio-kemiska algoritmer (A) som beskrivs av kvantfysiken; hon   fungerar enligt fysikens lagar. Om tillräcklig räkne-kapacitet vore förhanden kunde allt som har och kommer att hända att kunna kalkyleras. A är självlärande . Entropin är dess tidsvektor. A fortsätter inte att kalkylera samma gamla information om och om igen. Ny input är ständigt tillgänglig. Brist på färsk input kallar HS, i sin domän: ` långtråkigt`, och tappar snabbt intresset.

Ovanstående är ett superkomprimerat sätt att visa hur samma företeelse kan beskrivas på olika sätt   beroende på i vilken domän man befinner sig:   i den objektiva realismens värld eller i HS domän, som  är en mycket liten del därav…… och mestadels (intra-)subjektiv.  Ovanstående tre sätt att beskriva samma företeelse är oproblematisk så länge som beskrivningarna  inte är motsägande. Men beskrivningen enligt 1 ovan är motsägande i mycket och kräver   övernaturliga förklaringar och får därför — i en ärlig granskning — en mycket låg Bayesisk   sannolikhet  att vara sann.

(Är en `ärlig` Bayesisk utvärdering överhuvudtaget möjlig? Det kräver väl en HS fri från alla slags förutfattade meningar. Var finns hon?  Kanske blir det nödvändigt att vänta tills AI har producerat utvärderaren där alla förutfattade meningar kan suddas?)

(Fritt efter Sean Carroll och Yuval Harari. Observera att Freeman Dysons definition av liv, 2006, stämmer väl överens med Hararis dataism: Life is a material system …. . Denna definition har synts i flera av min bloggar de senaste åren. )

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Some people feel ‘favored’ and/or ‘thankful’ for waking up to another day. From where are such feelings coming? Others just feel ‘lucky’.
Looking at human existence on a most basic level, she is just a small part of a hugh Entropy happening that constitutes the whole Universe/Nature. A human organism (HO) , as anything else in Universe is made of the same 3 basic parts: protons, neutrons an electrons! Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Ecosystems, Biological organisms, of which Homo Sapiens is remarkable in many ways are all made of the same stuff.
A HO, as a part of this Totality, has no – one to thank for anything; no debts to pay back. The organism is just a value of the core theory’s wave function in a certain point. Scientific Research has produced knowledge that gives this kind of description high credence.

The description can be made differently in the domain where a HO is aware of some of the things going on:
There the HO’s availability and processing of Information will decide the single HO’s awareness of itself and its environment. This could be very different from organism to organism as the ability to process the information available is different from HO to HO.
Some HO’s processing produces a ‘God’ who is behind it all and, not only, created everything but also has his hand in what is happening now. Such a ‘belief’ is defining the environment and life’s conditions for those HOs.
However, some HO’s processing result in the recognition that ‘everything’ is a ‘material system’.
While the latter can go on with their’ lives’, concentrating on ‘doing the best’ out of the situation, the God – believers accept the self-inflicted limitations set by the dogma and rulebook that goes with the belief- system.
The amount of Bayesian analysis and reasoning that can be used by different HOs is decided by their ability and willingness to process ‘new’ information and, thus, their view on ‘reality’ will differ increasingly
with time. Some spend the whole life in the realm of their ‘Sunday-school’ – indoctrination; others , with the help of Bayesian reasoning, arrive at a worldview with a very low credence for that alternative. Those are the ones who use the steadily increasing knowledge about Nature though scientific work.
The above is kind of explanation for why there are people believing e.g. in ‘life after death’?
The God believers tie it onto their own back to carry out the duty of thankfulness to that illusive God/something whose existence outside a human brain is very difficult to pinpoint, but is, with the help of religions and priests, a reality for, probably, most human brains. Their ‘reality’ seems increasingly exotic by those who give new knowledge a try.
Reading (listening to) the 2016 book: The Big Picture by Sean Carroll, a couple of times, helped me to formulate this opinion.

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If you are interested in the Big Questions, e.g.: From Where? To Where? Why?   and many more questions related to Universe incl. us humans, I recommend Sean Carroll’s recent book: The Big Picture, where many consequences of the latest of what Physics has dug up, are presented.

I have the audio book version, narrated by the Author; here samples of what I remember, following one ‘hearing’:

– Think: a glass of coffee.

Cautiously add some cream…, that the coffee and cream do not mix. You can observe cream and coffee as two separated matters.

This is situation: BEGINNING. A very well organized situation.


Cream and coffee start mixing…

You can still see whitish and brownish ‘fields’   swirling around …but after a while the brew is totally homogenous, yellowish and at room temperature. Nothing seems to happen.

That is situation: END.

Use this metaphor on the Universe!

At the BEGINNING … named Big Bang … everything was well organized … UNIVERSE started AS a VERY LOW-ENTROPY ENTITY.

At the END, following Billions of years of expansion, AND entropy increase, Universe will reach a final equilibrium state: A VERY – HIGH ENTROPY STRICTURE. The fabric is homogenous and nothing will ‘swirl’. Everything Cold…..

We are now in-between, like when cream and coffee mixes, but what ‘swirls around’ are quantum fields, whose interactions create emerging structures of myriads of different states, like you and me; who are contained in   the macro view of it all. Rapidly changing, created…dying…short existence….practically nothing, seen in the space and time perspective of Universe.

Everything is made of the same three components: protons, neutrons and electrons. Most of what exists, we can NOT see or register   with our senses. Think of yourself, or anything as ‘a blip of the rapidly swirling quantum happening’. Entropy is the driving force and defines the time arrow. Following the dictate of the 2nd thermo-dynamic law.

Sounds crazy???? Admittedly…..most of it is not intuitively and immediately   obvious. But it makes sense in the light of what we presently know about ‘everything’. Especially with the Core theory as background.

Carroll has a fantastic ability to explain the very complicated situation. But he doesn’t throw scientific ‘truths’ at you; he recognizes that there are very few, if any unmovable facts at all.

He encourages everyone to constantly and with an open mind collect and examine new data, review your beliefs, and probably, if you are honest to yourself, you have to adjust your beliefs from time to time. Carroll explains a technique to do it: Bayesian reasoning.

I like Bayes Theorem very much!

– ‘Life’ has NO ONE definition. I frequently use Freeman Dyson’s definition, as readers of my blog know and it works well on the macro level. Carroll presents very interesting views on the topic, including this one by the Nobel prize winner (1937) Albert Szent-Györgyi,   that explains LIFE on a more fine-grained or a particle physics level: ” LIFE IS NOTHING BUT AN ELECTRON LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO REST.

This definition reminds about   entropy’s close involvement with Life.

– A naturalistic/materialistic ‘worldview’ is not preventing a life full of meaning, joy and satisfaction. Only that you have to care for the components yourself and not ‘lean’ on a supernatural power (which honest Bayesian credence review rapidly renders very low)   to deliver.

– Quantum field or Core Theory sets initial Bayesian probability extremely low for the belief in a soul, or for any kind of ‘after-life’ but delivers a strong case for the opposite.

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The Evolution of Terror

Groups of so called Terrorists want to change  society to their advantage; suppose it’s their  main goal.
Their tactics force drinking and other popular entertainment places to function under the protection of men with gun.
Those guys with a gun will never see an ‘enemy’, but soon get bored, just to watch the partying. Soon they will participate in the party…..and  they will realize their power to make possible the nice life of the others. And, as power corrupts, new power structures/groupings will emerge. Societies will change.
Terror Groups are on a winning streak because they are close to or identical with the men with gun.

Violence is not always needed to create the ‘change society effect’!

On Dec 15 the whole LA school system closed down following a threatening email; > 600 K students were sent back home.

Threat of violence will be a more efficient weapon used by those who want to change society.

At the end only the Silver Rule can save humanity.

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PARIS Nov 13 2015

It is time to remind about my blog Jan 20 2015 that was inspired by the Charlie Hebdo happening.

This time, however, the French President is escalating the violence as announced and shown by the massive bombing campaign on Nov 15 by the French Air Force.

Terror against Terror…..Mr.Hollande doesn’t know if he is killing the right people…. and ….. if you can not kill all the enemies, one thing is sure…… The Terror will escalate.

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(This is kind of  continuation of my blogs Sep 17 2015 (especially the last part of it: MY OWN TAKE….) and Jan 27 2015: On ‘The Meaning of Human Existence.’)


Your sentience delivers only a very incomplete information about what you/your (O)rganism is!

More information is available on an intellectual level but all Os are not recognizing/evaluating  this in the same way.

Thus, hugh differences in the interpretation of The Totality, of which every O is a part, exists and nobody can tell  what is the final truth.

Thus, feel free to  lay down your own  idea.


Better take the warning from Science seriously: “…. we only deliver provisional ‘facts’. ” !

Some recent happenings in Science encourage a new try to look into the Headline question.

  • My Organism is not the thing my sentience tells;   the senses are aware of only       about 10 % of a microbial ‘cloud’,       the one that   calls itself: ‘ake’. The 90%, science has recently found out a bit more about. E.g. that it IS the Organism and is stretching out a few feet in all directions. And ….. besides its important role in the life of the Organism it can influence/change other Organisms living in close proximity.

Worse: even the 10% is essentially ‘nothing’, as the atoms are just that: they are very much empty space and very little ‘solids’. This knowledge is not new but not talked about much; what about this 90 kilo of ‘me’ i.e.   of atoms whose nuclei fill up only 0.0000000000001 of the volume of an atom, that is ‘feeling’ solid because of the ‘electrical forces around the nuclei’? Is that really the full story?

With recent discussions about ‘dark matter’ (that rather should be named ‘transparent matter)’in mind….maybe we are totally in the ‘dark’ about things that we, yesterday, regarded well founded facts?

  • The 2015 Nobel Price in Physics was given for new knowledge about the fundamentals about Universe/The Totality       that is so radical (some wise men say)   that it puts The Standard Model (the one with the Big Bang etc) in need of reconsideration. We now have to consider neutrinos with MASS! And … they can change ‘flower’ ……but still, they are passing through ‘my cloud’ by the thousands every second…..without ‘me’ noticing anything!?!
  • At end of Oct the Model for how The Solar System was created got under scrutiny when a probe far out in the solar system detected free oxygen that should not have been there; indicating that the present idea of how the solar system was formed may need radical new-thinking..

If The Standard Model goes, many ‘holy cows’ will die and current ideas about ‘everything’ will change.

  • MIT Professor Max Tegmark: (book: Our Mathematical Universe (2014)) questions common believes about The Totality (and the ultimate reality incl. humanity). But Max doesn’t claim that his suggestions can be classified as science …..yet…… !

Frankly, isn’t it time to   accept that the usual   way of looking at what a human Organism with Sentience and Intelligence is, may be helpful on an intuitive level, but not accurate at all!

It would be a long — but convenient — stretch to just adopt the Eastern paradigm: ‘Consciousness is All’, and forget what science tells and some scientists believe? And …. considering how little is KNOWN about the Totality that every human is part of;  such a suggestion can easily gain followers, at least among those seeking answers.

However, Ramesh Balsekar (he is an Indian ‘Modern’ Guru), in his book ‘Consciousness Speaks’ (1992), sometimes puts an ‘=’ – sign between Consciousness and Energy;  this does not make his message easy to understand.

In this grey zone of Science and Mysticism let’s guess that a Homo Sapiens is an Organism, consisting of Energy/Information only, in a transition phase, who can only deal (read: go on increasing Entrophy) with what the Organism is (sub)conscious about!


A Homo Sapiens is a ‘living’ Organism equipped with Sentience, that continuously delivers information about the Environment/Totality and the processing thereof has catapulted Homo Sapiens’ ‘world’ into what Kurzweil calls LOAR (THE Law of Accelerated Return that explains the accelerating increase of knowledge and skills, foremost technological such.

As the structure of an Organism’s   conscious construct is directly dependent on its Sentience,  it has a central role in the total existence/acting of the Organism.   Obviously there exists quite some information that no Organism has access to, and, thus, an Organism’s possibilities to deduct the ‘truth of Totality’ is very limited.

Furthermore, Organisms’ different ability to vision and fantasize about what COULD BE, i.e. what the Organism doesn’t know,   lead to huge differences in what Organisms feel ‘conscious’ about and , thus, can deal with.

Ramesh Balsekar seems to be spot on in his Consciousness is All – paradigm: only what the Organism is conscious about, exists. For that Organism!

But ….. does that statement get us closer to THE FINAL TRUTH?

His choice of the word: ‘Consciousness’, is, indeed, confusing, as it is diverging the thinking away from the fact that all what is happening is a process; but the word `Consciousness` makes a hint of a ‘something’ that introduces dangerous Dualism in the thinking; a Dualism proposing that something exists besides the Life – functions; i.e. something apart from what is covered by Dyson’s: Life is a material system…..-definition. But there are no indications that such an entity exists.

Neither are the ‘Western’, scientific interpretations of this magic word : ‘Consciousness’ very helpful, as my blog Sep 17 suggests.

In summary: the part of the Totality, i. e. Energy/Information, that an Organism is and   is (sub)conscious about   in a certain moment, i. e. now… is the Processing of Information that the Organism is capable of at that Moment. And, note, that the Organism is itself a part of the Totality! There is no `I` or `me`, who is outside, looking ‘in’ and directing things; there is only the Organism and it is a material system, with a certain ability to process information; a part of the Total Reality. But when the Organism is informing the external world about what is going on ‘inside’, it uses the ID `I` to identify the Organism it is reporting from.

Thus, different Organism’s, while exposed to identical information   come to different conclusions, because   Organisms have very different capacity to acquire and/or store and/or process and/or use the information.


  • Some people believe in a Christian God and some find the issue ridiculous. And both base, at least part of, their conclusion on what is written in the Bible! (Michel Shermers book: The Moral Arc (2015) presents facts that support this suggestion.)
  • The properties of  an O’s processing machinery contribute to whether it can put e.g. MD, Engineer, Music Director on her/his business card or has none at all.
  • Soon MDs who are not adding Internet and Diagnostic computer programs       to their input will be charged with unprofessional and/or unethical practice.s This is the case in a few places already.
  • some  Os believe that their own religion delivers the only unifying reality and truth while other are convinced, and deliver strong indications for the idea that religions are  important contributors to why Os have problem to live in harmony together
  • My O believes that ‘greed’ is the most powerful cause of the discord; and that it is coming from our Darwinian evolutionary past and firmly anchored in the O’s  information processing machinery.
My Sep 17 blog on Consciousness   supports the proposal re. how different beliefs are formed.
Further support can be found in a  statement (cited in the blog) by Noam Chomsky suggesting that the  Consciousness Debate builds on a dangerous ‘hidden’ dualism and lack of facts. (The processing ability of Noam is already famous for involving huge bodies of Information in its deliberations. His TALK in Jan 2011: ‘Science, Mind and the Limits of Understanding ‘ offers interesting thoughts. Read it in his blog.)

The other opinions summarized in my blog Sep 19 suffer from the dualism introduced by making a noun of the verb ‘(to be) conscious’, when describing the human Organism’s processing of Information.


The absence of  ‘I’  as a distinctive entity is why ‘Free Will’ is an impossible idea!

Simple!!!! There is NO ONE to excercise a Free Will.

O’s decisions can only be made on Information available for its processing machinery. This also denies the suggestion that everything is pre-determinated. The O’s decisions and behaviors (i.e. what some believe are caused by ‘Free Will’) is the result of the O’s own Information processing activity using the ever changing Information available to its processing facilities, at that moment. The ‘I’ is only a ‘reporter’….and can not influence anything!

SO, what is the CONCLUSION?

Do you  now know what you are? Is Ramesh paradigm helpful?

Ramesh would probably just say: Who wants to know?

Hahahah…… What a joke!

Remember  ‘I’  is only a reporting function! That’s a constructive approach! Right?

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