Up to now sciences had no answer to the question: ‘how did life start?’,  but Jeremy changed that.(my blog Feb 10)
If he is on the right track it makes a fundamental change in the description of Objective Reality possible and necessary; one of great importance.
Not only will it refute faith based claims on the ‘ God created life…’ – issue,  but it will also make changes necessary  to much  scientific – philosophical thinking, based on the ‘life as we know it’  – paradigm.
There is no doubt that the Christian God e. g. exists in Inter-and Subjective reality! But equally asserted is : he is not in Objective Reality. 
Scientific research has searched every corner of Objective Reality with all kinds of tools,  from the macro structures of Universe to the smallest particles whose existence can be proven only by statistical analysis of data from the LHC. Still nothing like the Christian God has  been  found.  However,  something as powerful and omnipotent and universal was found, raising the suspicion that  a mistake was made when the description of what God is and can do was made in the Bible.  A mistake that has stayed uncorrected due to limitations in the knowledge of Nature;  later, with added knowledge,  few dared to touch  the issue as it was named blasphemous to do so.  (The power of religions is tremendous! ) Recently, however,  our fearless increase in knowledge has made it inevitable to adjust the probability of the existence of a traditional God in Objective Reality to a very low level.  (This, of course, does not prevent  lots of humans to keep their belief,  as it is a pure (Inter)subjective  Reality phenomenon. The ostrich mentality will not go away easily. )
So, what did Science found? 
Well.. nothing new at all… it just unearthed what has been there all the time… The Very Thing that has given name to Gods of many different  kinds through thousands of years …..  the power that created life and caused the evolution of everything.  This power was named Entropy. It was named just recently; about 100 years ago.
In order to understand this line of reasoning you have to accept that ALL is Energy/Information and it’s work/change is the cause of all what we can experience. Entropy is another name for the work that is changing the organisation of Energy/Information constantly.
Entropy contains a full description of what is really going on in the Universe including the tiny speck where we humans dwell and call: the Human Domain.
My  comment to my  Feb blog: ‘Man Proposes….’  gives some examples of the happenings that get a new explanation in the new world view, based on Jeremy’s hypothesis.

Entropy works only in the direction of increasing disorganization of Energy/Information and it will be the boss until the  very end when all energy has reached a stadium of total equilibrium and everything in Universe is cold and dead. (Think:  a cup of hot coffee with milk placed on a table will after some time take on same temperature as the surrounding and all the milk will be mixed with the coffee.)

The one and only God in Objective Reality IS Entropy.

Sounds possible? 
I give it a much higher probability to represent what is going on and how it started and will end, than miscellaneous stories that ask me to believe in supernatural,  not scientifically founded, causes. The descriptional  mistakes,  not least the paradigm of  human supremacy, done in the Bible and other so called holy or sacred scriptures have had many negative consequences for Earth and continues to bring havoc.
The self-interest of religious organisations, however,  will keep the misunderstanding alive  for still some time.

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