This could develop into something very interesting

In the lab of Jeremy  England,  Harvard,  since 2014, research is going on that could result in a new theory of evolution and of how ‘life’ started.

If you let sun shine on a clump of atoms they will organize in line  with their ability to absorb and dispatch energy….  This is a   crude way of describing the hypothesis being tested.

If confirmed, the consequences are that we finally get a definition of ‘life’ that could  not be resisted by anybody and Darwin’s Evolution will be a special case of the new story. Darwin’s Evolution sees natural selection work on variation in a population and Jeremy has ideas about how this variation was created in the first place; same concept powers the whole evolutionary happening.

The borders between in- and animate life will get blurred. We are all made of the same building stones,  you,  me and the rocks. But some combinations are more efficient energy dispersers and they march on and increase entropy faster.  Homo Sapiens is obviously at the fore front of this happening.

Of course,   life in the human domain will hardly be affected at all….  most Homo Sapiens will continue to act as if she is something important in Universe, unaware and unaffected by what is really going on in objective reality.  As before, however, out of all bright ideas  only those with close coherence with the quantum wave dictum will prosper.  Others,  like Trump as a powerful decision maker or Jesus as a still more powerful opinion creator or Rome as an eternal power or 1000s more ideas and achievements in the human domain will just be like a meteor in the night sky.

And the humans can stop blaming each other for destroying their own environment. Why? Because they were made for that and nothing else.   Entropy to the very end.

But while doing ….  we’ll have a lot of fun.


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3 Responses to This could develop into something very interesting

  1. akeeckerwall says:

    I find it is easy to listen to my own arguments while others’ have a hard time to penetrate ….. sorry …. hahaha…… anyhow there seems to be nobody else who wants to be heard; so Here we go again:

    Let’s discuss Universe/Totality by sorting it into 3 realities
    We have :
    1. Objective reality (OR)
    2. Subjective reality (SR)
    3. Inter – subjective reality (ISR)

    About OR
    It is characterised by what can be measured, weighed etc and is independently proven to exist by several scientifically accepted methods; it is very difficult to ignore, in the long run, but, of course, there is no 100% truth… or 0%. It’s a material system.
    About SR
    Here dwell our very personal deep believes that we do not necessarily share with others; they are not backed up by scientifically recognized observations but requires faith. Few, if any others share your SR experiences, exactly.
    About ISR
    It is a reality only because many organisms believe in it.. money, a nation, a religion etc exist as long as a number of organisms believe in them. Much of what we experience in the Human Domain belong to this reality.

    Further discussion:
    In OR, everything can be described, by the laws of physics, as an organisational status of FIELDS. Think: the electromagnetic field that is bringing you TV and Radio transmissions, Internet is one of the fields. Everything is Fields of Energy/Information (E/I) in different stages of organisation but the human ability to be aware of it all is very limited. An example: what we experience of a human is only about 10% of the Fields’ Structure that constitutes her; we talk about the 90% as a cloud of microbes.
    OR is described in great detail and verified by quantum physics; everything is made of combinations of protons, neutrons and electrons: Galaxies, Stars, Planets and…. yes: organisms like a human. Physics can describe even particles (energy!) that are not even visible in the most powerful microscopes. Objective Reality is very difficult to understand by the human as it is almost totally counter intuitive. There are still many open questions in the description of OR.
    In the Human Domain we do not bother much about the above; we live our life in the inter-subjective reality of what our senses show us and our information processing capabilities can handle; and that is not very much of the total.
    But there is no way we can avoid that objective reality is the driver of all that happens. Yes, our abilities to manipulate the E/I fields can change some things but only on very short term in the total perspective. Christendom e. g. managed, during more than a millennium, to maintain a worldview far from what is described nowadays as OR and only recently has the picture started to change opinion by improved knowledge. But still, in the human domain, the old beliefs exists as SR and ISR – reality and will continue to do so,for still some time. A couple of 1000s of years is almost nothing in the big perspective.
    The existence of the nuclear weapons arsenal is another example of how the logical thinking of the Human Domain – kind has to bow for the superior forces of Jeremy’s kind of OR. Now Trump aims at further increase US number of weapons in spite the move is clearly suicidal for all the humans. The normal human domain reaction towards suicidal members is to prevent them, even if force have to be used. If US resumes build up of suicidal capacity and increases the risk for catastrophe the rest of human can only look and shake their heads in disbelief. Efficient E/I dispersal has a field day.
    The E/I fields change constantly according to the laws of Entropy. The changes are accelerating. Everything, of course even in the human domain, is participating in these changes. Where the happening is absorbing and dissipating E/I (= the definition of life) most efficiently the system makes most progress. A special case of this principle is Darwinian evolution: ‘survival of the fittest’ equals ‘best in Entropy’ using a crude definition.
    OR is strictly material; there exist no empathy, no altruism; maybe synergy? This is why, in the long run, human inventions like love, human rights, peace, harmony will never take over the rudder in the Human Domain.
    Should this knowledge cause despair? On the contrary! Because we are talking about happenings with quite different time scales there are many reasons to try to make conditions in the Human Domain as agreeable as possible while it exists.


  2. akeeckerwall says:

    No changes to objective reality ….of course, it has always been evolving like today. Changes, if any, would occur in the (inter) subjective reality of the Human Domain. The obvious question of the truth – seeker is:
    Would this new knowledge change the Bayesian probabilities of any of my cherished beliefs?
    Only a few of us would be interested in a continuous re-examination of some of the held beliefs. For those many who do not even have a good grasp of Newton’s Evo, Jeremy’s Evo offers formidable and counter-intuitive blocking to understanding. It is rather easy to understand ‘survival of the fittest’ but what about ‘Energy dispersal supremacy’?
    My long held optimistic hope that Homo Sapiens would be able to join in an effort to make Earth a more harmonious place for more organisms would need some adjustments. Trump’ s acting in a selfish American way shows how easy it is to find support for radically egoistic group thinking. And this happens in a society where mighty Christian powers, that should be more in the cooperative realm, is reigning.
    It is time to adjust the probability of the harmonious Homo Sapiens group downwards.
    My probabilities for commonly held beliefs like ‘God’, ‘soul’, ‘I’ are already on a very low level but all the scientific progress that led to Jeremy’s Universe confirms my believes .
    It will be interesting to see which new ways the faith based worldviews and power based groups (politics), can find in order to keep their flock in the dark. It should not be too difficult for them because Jeremy is not offering what a majority of mankind needs: the belief in something that is caring in the midst of all this selfishness. Trump did not have to tell ‘how’ but his slogan : make America great again, probably was very helpful for his triumph. Same privilege goes with the religions…. none of the believers questions the claims. Humans seem to love to be deluded.
    Maybe the faith – peddlers and the political power brokers would see the new knowledge as a threat to their ‘business’? That could change things.
    But the improved knowledge of the human algorithm will obviously make it easier to find ways for those who want to manipulate the masses for their own profit. So, expect more wholesale mass-convincing tools.
    A main effect of Jeremy’s theory could be that those who are concerned about the definition (there are many) when they talk about LIFE have to be more clear, as there is only ONE DEFINITION.


  3. akeeckerwall says:

    Not much to discuss?
    At first nothing will happen because nothing has changed. A human has always been a clump of atoms under entropy. Only very few realized it before and it was blasphemous to speak about it. Now the rocks joined into the family and that may stir up some sentiments?
    Maybe Internet will help the god-based beliefs to come down in kind of 9/11 crash and suddenly we will have a lot of empty churches and priests looking for job…. or will the science deniers still manage to keep their flock?
    Even if….. sciences have not been able to tell how the first atom came to, so for sure some smart guy will start a new religion on that issue; with a Creator God in the background. He will get super rich in no time because Homo Sapiens need for something to believe in is strong; the more fantastic and unbelievable the easier to find a buyer.
    Thus, in the human domain, things will probably continue as before i. e. as when the members of a winner team starts to blame the best-player for doing too many goals. Remember: it is the only task the humans have….. to dissipate energy; and the climate debate shows how successful she is.
    But joy continues for those who value life in the human domain while acknowledging it is only a miniscule part of the whole.


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