—– Man proposes God disposes
(The following is an addition to my blog: Homo Sapiens (HS) Dec 6)
The proverb, above, is an excellent title for an essay on the HS situation. It notes that man has all sorts of ideas about what is happening and what he wants to happen, but that, ultimately, other forces decide. It does not matter if the HS is an Atheist or Christian, Buddhist or materialist …… Lästadian or Muslim. The author of the proverb did not know how right she was.
We only need to agree on the definition of the word: God.
The proverb was created in a religion think tank; For most Swedes of my generation no further elaborations are needed. But with improved levels of knowledge about what the Universe / Totality is, God loses its `sting` as HS takes over more and more of the chores. Long ago we sacrificed goats on the altar of God for the harvest to be plentiful. With HS’s increasing knowledge of objective reality the supernatural image of God is forced to give way to more reasonable explanations of the universe and how everything works. The belief /superstition bath, in which still many HS dwell is becoming colder.
Buddhism is an attempt to place the totality inside the human being. Consciousness is the only reality, and the rest is an illusion. The proverb is probably not of interest for Buddhists?
AI and biotechnological conquests are taking over more and more of what was once exclusive God’s space. HS is already well on her way by establishing increasingly `God-liknande` skills. Few HS choose today to try to cure an appendicitis infection with prayers to any god; they have more confidence in the surgeon’s scalpel. The ability to diagnose diseases are improving every day with the help of huge AI systems. Soon, HS will prevent vehicle collisions, when all vehicles are registered in an AI system that can act when the risks increase. HS will be able to abolish the death and introduce eternal life of biological organisms. It is only a matter of time.
Within in a century or two AI systems are predicted to be generally more intelligent than HS and therefore she will likely be relegated to a secondary role on Earth and in the cosmos; if she even exists. Probably the Neanderthals faded away in a similar way due to HS more intelligent approach?
We already know (with high probability) that a human organism is a biochemical algorithm ruling a collection of particles in a way that can be explained in detail by the laws of physics, especially quantum physics. Everything else that exists in the Universe fall under the same explanation. Consider, for example, that everything in the universe is made up of the same three building blocks: protons, neutrons and electrons.
HS has her own domain bounded by her senses and information processing capacity.
Man is a unique composition of building blocks; many believe that man is the ultimate culmination of everything that can be created. S(he) has carved out a dominant position for herself and even managed to temporarily neutralize some of the forces of nature.
Her belief in supremacy has led to death and destruction to other organisms and entire species and destruction of their habitat: the extinction of other species, the destruction of nature incl. atmosphere and oceans to the point where HS own domain is threatened. This is a fact that questions if HS intelligence really is so superior.
HS worry about the day when general intelligence will be Si and not as now
C-based; specifically HS declared impossible that a computer could be conscious, have feelings. Few people are aware of and / or accept that she is controlled by an algorithm and act accordingly; she refuses to recognize that the human domain is a very narrow part of the universe that is defined by what HS can perceive and understand; and that it’s not a big part of the total.
Even large and powerful organizations act as if man had extensive powers and authority.
The so-called human rights (HR), who have their own annual celebration , is a typical manifestation of man’s faith in himself. The declaration is formulated as if there is only Homo sapiens in the Universe; man’s responsibility towards their environment incl. any other animal, is not even mentioned. Is not, after she has walked the earth in 100tusentals years, the fact that not all HS are covered by these so-called Human Rights, proof enough of the idea’s built-in contradiction? If it had been an innate human right, the UN would not have had to decide about it!
Declaration of HR was done before (1948) the modern algorithm-based explanation of man was widely known and accepted. The consequences are that HR, now, is clearly in opposition to the scientific definition of life, it exists only as inter-subjective reality in the HS domain. Because HR can not be available to all HS the movement / religionen` has little authority and should be renamed: the rights of a fortunate part of humanity. Better would be to redirect the activists energy to: man’s responsibility to its surrounding and himself.
We do not know much about how the HS algorithm is constructed but can observe that there are major differences between the organisms. Our knowledge of the universe and HS algorithm increases rapidly. We have not yet seen the final definition of `God`.
It would be needed a very different political, economic and management – systems on earth for an adaptation of the systems in the HS domain to algorithm-reality … .. and they can not even be discerned on the horizon? The outlook for the future of the HS is not very hopeful!
This does not mean that we who are living at the beginning of the 21st century should despair.
Accepting the HS algorithm could mean that disagreements and even wars, based on different religious interests be reduced.
Individual HS, who understand what it is could help the algorithm to give her a meaningful life through their information intake ..
And … .. one can not exclude at quantum physics have misunderstood ………The algorithm approach may be wrong…..
And here come those guys pretending that they KNOW that Earth and everything was CREATED less than 10 K years ago by a God with very humanlike properties… give me a break…..

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  1. akeeckerwall says:

    I have a new candidate for the position as God.
    In my blog Feb 2017 I comment on the Jeremy interpretation of the Universe; how life started and evolved. . His theory defines a God who could be named: ‘Entropy efficiency’ or ‘Supremacy of Energy Dissipation’ or still better: The Race of Entrohpy. I will use Jeremy’ God or JG for this phenomenon in this comment.
    A couple of examples should clarify what I mean:
    – man proposes: we should spend much efforts in Med R&D so we can save as many lives as possible;
    – JG says: yes, do that because a living organism is more ‘Entropy effective’ than a dead one thus serving the purpose of JG
    – man proposes: it is a moral duty to prevent a suicide
    – JG says: Good…the mo organisms, the more Energy Dissipation
    – man proposes: let’s build nuclear weapons for the purpose of improved safety in the world;
    – JG says: Yes do is building a tremendous potential for Energy disposal which is exactly what I want
    – man proposes: let’s decide about Human Rights in order to facilitate keeping our supremacy on Earth
    – JG says: Good, because it is contributing to the increase in numbers of humans alive which is increasing entropy efficiency tremendously.
    – man (the Catholic Church) proposes: let us sanctify life by opposing all kinds of artificial preventive measures
    – JG says: yes, good …. the more life the higher the Entropy efficiency
    – a Christian man proposes: praise God……
    – JG says; Great i love that…. because that’s the only god there is …in objective reality. Of course, thee will still be 1000s of Gods in (Intra) subjective reality but the only power they have is what human fantasy can dream up.

    Fel free to add any number of examples.


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