The NoShortsDay

Long trousers2013-01-15-214

Once a year
for me
I have to comply
I will be thrown out of this country
OK I am a Permanent Resident
in good standing
a condition is attached ……
I have to show my face
once a year
at The Immigration Department
and The Commissioner
would puke
if he
saw my hairy legs
so, outside his office he posted a warning:
” be dressed decently….or don’t step in….
go back to Sweden…..
But….I do not want….

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2 Responses to The NoShortsDay

  1. Ove Wallström says:

    I live in Sweden – and I love it! I do, however, find this little report on your dealings with the stern authorities entertaining and funny.


  2. Susan says:

    Which I understand, who honestly will live in the snowhell we have in Sweden for the moment


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